Trial Advocacy
Trial Advocacy

Trial Advocacy Found in the Form of Legal Workshops Hosted by Jesse Wilson

Jesse Wilson Provides Attorneys with Trial Advocacy Skills in Various Legal Workshops and Retreats

Law students, attorneys, and other advocates must effectively handle themselves in trial proceedings. By embracing trial advocacy, those within the legal industry can learn more about the process. By using his extensive background of theater, TV, and film, Jesse Wilson has been able to provide skills to lawyers within legal workshops and law retreats.

Communication and presentation are a big part of trial advocacy. It involves learning about how to tell a story effectively to ensure that the audience (jury) understands what is going on. As attorneys have to face trials often throughout their job, trial advocacy becomes a critical skill.

Various principles are touched upon during trial advocacy, including the need to be brief and to be positive. Lawyers who are long-winded are identified as boring. The details of the case can be lost when a lawyer is too long-winded. As such, Wilson suggests taking the approach of being “more dramatic… which simply means trusting the truth of what you’re connecting to even more.” This approach can lead to better storytelling so that the jury is being told about the details without being bored to the point that they tune out entirely.

The trial advocacy offered by Jesse Wilson comes in a variety of formats. He has used his classical training as an actor to translate those into trial skills. As a consultant for many law firms, he has released a video series with Trial Guides to enhance communication. Further, he provides workshops that lawyers can attend to enhance their skills.

Just as actors often take a “method approach” to get into the role of the character they are playing, actors must think like a juror. They need details that are consistent. They need a motive. They need to hear an entire story told to them. Within legal workshops, lawyers are able to act out the various parts in order to get more comfortable commanding the attention of a courtroom. By participating in hands-on activities, it gives lawyers more experience with law advocacy than they may have been given throughout law school. Additionally, even the most seasoned lawyers can benefit from regular training about how they present inside of a courtroom.

Jesse Wilson has been a jury trial consultant for years. He is also the owner of “Tell The Winning Story” and how it was used to secure a $90 million verdict in the case of Blake vs. Werner Trucking.

Attorneys or law firms can benefit from trial advocacy workshops to learn more about how to command a presence in front of a jury. The training can help to redefine performance not only for lawyers but also for sales teams and other professionals.

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