Trial Advocacy
Trial Advocacy

Telling the Winning Story: How Trial Advocacy Workshops Benefit Business-people and Lawyers Alike

At first glance trial advocacy appears to center around trial attorneys, but they’re not the only ones who benefit from these powerful communication skills.

Jesse Wilson, founder and CEO of Telling the Winning Story, holds trial advocacy workshops aimed at empowering individuals with compelling storytelling skills. Many who attend these workshops are attorneys who spend their careers in the courtroom convincing juries that their version of the story is the correct one. But not everyone who enters Wilson’s classroom stands in front of a jury. Wilson knows there’s plenty of crossover between trial advocacy and communication in other careers, and he knows how to provide value to anyone who comes through the door.

Trial Advocacy (10)Jesse Wilson’s career did not begin with trial advocacy. He started out as an actor and director before turning to a career as a communication specialist. He’s also worked with inmates teaching communication and conflict techniques to help them on a more successful path. His varied experience helps him work with people across many different industries and provide valuable, actionable lessons.

Wilson’s approach to trial advocacy centers around telling a simple, concise story that connects to the audience on an emotional level. Those techniques translate to many other careers. For those in business, presenting to a boardroom, direct reports, or other groups inside their company, these skills help create a sense of community within the company. Companies that share a common vision typically achieve better outcomes, and a key piece of creating a shared vision is being able to tell a compelling story.

For salespeople, client representatives, and others who communicate outside of the company, these trial advocacy skills are equally as important. Most good salespeople believe that their company has a product worth selling, but it takes skill to convince potential customers that’s the case. Companies with a good story to tell can often boast better customer retention and loyalty than companies who don’t connect with customers on an emotional level.

Telling a great story and connecting to an audience is an essential skill in most any business. But those skills don’t come naturally to everyone. Learning some techniques to keep the story simple, relevant, and emotionally compelling can make a big difference in the career of business people from all walks of life. Trial advocacy is just one way to frame these essential concepts.

Through his workshops Jesse Wilson proves that the fundamentals of breakthrough communication imbedded within the trial advocacy techniques apply not just to the courtroom. His sessions draw attendees from all walks of life who want to translate these fundamentals into their own career. These valuable sessions with a communications expert have proven valuable for both lawyers and business people alike.

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