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Trial Advocacy

Trial Advocacy Found in the Form of Legal Workshops Hosted by Jesse Wilson

Jesse Wilson Provides Attorneys with Trial Advocacy Skills in Various Legal Workshops and Retreats Law students, attorneys, and other advocates must effectively handle themselves in trial proceedings. By embracing trial advocacy, those within the legal industry can learn more about the process. By using his extensive background of theater, TV, and film, Jesse Wilson has been able […]

Trial Advocacy

Telling the Winning Story: How Trial Advocacy Workshops Benefit Business-people and Lawyers Alike

At first glance trial advocacy appears to center around trial attorneys, but they’re not the only ones who benefit from these powerful communication skills. Jesse Wilson, founder and CEO of Telling the Winning Story, holds trial advocacy workshops aimed at empowering individuals with compelling storytelling skills. Many who attend these workshops are attorneys who spend their […]

Classically Trained Actor & Trial Skills Consultant Jesse Wilson Releases New Video Series on Breakthrough Communication

When you think of an actor, glamorous images of Hollywood celebrities and Broadway stars most likely come to mind. Likewise, most actors pursuing their craft endeavor to one day grace the silver screen in pursuit of fame and fortune. But there are some artists whose ambitions also involve using theatre as a tool for education […]

The Origins of Tell the Winning Story for Trial Attorneys: Breaking Down Walls Behind Bars

What drives people to crime? Depending on the case, the answer may seem simple on the surface: poverty, revenge, greed, etc. But the simple answer typically only scans the surface, beneath which there are complex and challenging truths. Jesse Wilson, a communications expert specializing in trial advocacy, has spent years working with inmates to help them […]

Top Legal Publisher Trial Guides Releases New Video Series “The 8 Fundamentals of Breakthrough Communication”

Have you ever watched the film version of a favorite book, only to feel dissatisfied at its retelling, or, conversely, felt a filmmaker breathed new life into a desiccated text? These experiences exemplify the importance of how well a story is told. Whether it’s a fable or historical account, a Shakespearean comedy or courtroom drama, […]